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Canadian Movers that cares – Real Canadian Van Lines is a local and long distance, residential and commercial moving and storage service provider across Canada. Through our many affiliates and associates in Toronto, ON, Calgary and Edmonton, AB, and Greater Vancouver, BC, we can meet all your moving and storage service needs.

Canadian movers, Real Canadian Vanlines


Real Canadian Van Lines believes in team work and appreciates what it can contribute to providing better moving and storage services to its customers. Real Canadian Van Lines maintains a close affiliation to many reputable and experienced Canadian Movers across Canada in order to maintain industry leadership, focusing on, quality and reliability of our moving services.

Canadian movers, Real Canadian Vanlines


Real Canadian Van Lines is committed to the quality and reliability of the moving and storage services it offers. Our professional and informed approach to servicing every local and long distance move we accept is a clear indication of our commitment to what we do. As Canadian Movers, we are glad to be recognized in many aspects on how we conduct our business.

Canadian movers, Real Canadian Vanlines

Customer Reviews

Real Canadian Van Lines is a well rated moving and storage company that promotes transparency and accountability amongst the Canadian Movers. We believe in staying committed to our clients and we appreciate the trust they put in us to handle their most valuable both in dollar value and sentiment. We value our customers’ feedback and accordingly, we strive to be the best in what we do by regularly implementing the necessary changes to our service quality and approach.


Local & Long Distance Residential & Commercial Moving & Storage Services Across Canada

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Canadian moving and storage company – you’ve come to the right place. Real Canadian Van Lines has serviced many local and long distance, residential and commercial relocations across Canada.

Real Canadian Van Lines is among the most reliable and experienced moving and storage companies in Canada. When it comes to finding the right moving and storage company, contacting Real Canadian Van Lines for a Free Moving Quote would be the right step to take.