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About Real Canadian Van Lines

Canadian Moving Company

Long Distance Moving Service for Residential & Commercial Moving across Canada

Real Canadian Van Lines is incorporated Canadian Moving Company offering local & long distance, residential & commercial moving and storage services across Canada. Through our many affiliates and associates in Toronto, ON, Calgary and Edmonton, AB, and Greater Vancouver, BC, we can meet all your moving and storage service needs.

Canadian Moving Company

Real Canadian Van Lines was established to better service the growing need for reliable and professional moving and storage services in Canada. As Canada’s population grows, so does the demand for both residential and commercial relocation services. Real Canadian Van Lines not only ensures the quality of moving and storage service delivered to our customers across Canada, it also exposes the clients to simplicity and effectiveness of proper communication through our high tech software and tools we use in overall processing of the moves.

Our moving, packing and storage specialists are well trained and will be well aware of all possible considerations or needs you may have. They will do their best to cater to your needs and requirements and will offer the best moving and storage solutions, fitting your budget and assuring quality and service excellence. Call us at 1800-690-6914 or CONTACT US to discuss the fine details of your move and get a free moving estimate.