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International Moving

International Moving Services

Moving overseas is even more time and labour intensive than simply moving down South. In these cases, more time and preparation will be needed to ensure that immigrating and moving goes well.

Of course you will need to prepare yours and your family’s documentation for immigration along with arranging a residence in the country you intend to move to. Other than that you need to plan how to physically move your items and belongings to another country, which is where Real Canadian Van Lines comes in.

International Moving Services - Real Canadian Van Lines
Real Canadian Van Lines can provide International Moving Services and shipping containers consultation,  to assist with transporting your belongings. A shipping container offers various advantages compared to a conventional moving truck such as more open ended delivery options, such as delayed delivery or even rushed priority shipping. Additionally a shipping container effectively doubles as temporary storage for your belongings, which seriously simplifies any long term transportation of goods you may be employing. The prospect of unloading all your storage into a warehouse or storage facility only to reload it into a truck a week later is quite redundant when you use a shipping container.

If you’re moving internationally, let Real Canadian Van Lines take care of all the headaches so you can enjoy your move to another country. Call us today at 1800-690-6914 to discuss your move and get a free moving estimate.