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Our Moving Process

Our Moving Process

From our first conversation to the completion of your move, Real Canadian Van Lines wants to provide you with a differentiated customer service experience whether you prefer a high level of involvement or want to leave every detail of the process to our capable movers.

Before calling us at 1800-690-6914, consider taking an overall inventory of your possessions, particularly those that are large, oddly shaped or fragile, such as art pieces, appliances, dressers, or large television sets. This is useful information for your moving company to know in preparation of your move as well as helpful in determining an accurate estimate of the costs that will be incurred over the course of your move.

After we speak over the phone, a moving consultant will want to meet with you in person for an onsite inspection where more details of how the move will go can be ironed out as well as to work out a rough moving estimate. From there, you can move forward with booking your move and placing a deposit unless you need a day or two to sleep on it before calling us back.

Depending on whether you require packing or storage services, we will contact you sometime before the scheduled move or packing date to reconfirm the details of your move before dispatching a team to your location to begin packing or moving your goods.

If you prefer to deal with the packing yourself, make sure all of your goods are properly packed away or wrapped up before the moving team shows up. If you are going to be driving to your new location, it may even be a good idea to pack all your fragile valuables, electronics and other personal belongings into your own vehicle to minimize any potential risk of damage in transit while reducing the weight and by extension costs of your moving team’s load.

If you decided to employ our packing services then sit back and relax while our packing specialists professionally store your belongings in customized moving cartons for safe transit. If you require any storage services as well, we will ship off the goods intended for storing to our secure, temperature controlled storage facility to await your retrieval.

Once your belongings have been safely moved to your new location, we can send you an email confirming their arrival, and any additional documentation, such as invoices, estimates can also be provided at your request.

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Local & Long Distance Residential & Commercial Moving & Storage Services in Canada

Real Canadian Van Lines has serviced many local and long distance, residential and commercial moves across Canada.

Real Canadian Van Lines is among the most professional, reliable and experienced moving and storage companies in Canada. When it comes to finding the right moving and storage company, contacting Real Canadian Van Lines for a Free Moving Quote is the right step to take.